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Adobe Connect significantly improves collaboration with your colleagues, partners, and customers anytime, anywhere, across virtually any device. With Adobe Connect, meeting organizers can go far beyond simple screen sharing and deliver easy-to-access, rich meetings from a desktop or directly from a mobile device. Instantly initiate interactive meetings with a few or hundreds of participants, without the hassles of scheduling or preparing the room ahead of each meeting.

The system requirements to lead a meeting are listed here. - http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/tech-specs.html

The bandwidth requirement is 256Kbps (512Kbps recommended) for participants, meeting attendees, and end users of Adobe® Connect™ applications.

A DSL or cable connection is recommended for Adobe Connect presenters, administrators, trainers, and event and meeting hosts.

You can upload any of the following content types:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint slides (PPT and PPTX)
  • Video for Flash (FLV)
  • interactive Flash Player compatible content (SWF)
  • Audio (MP3)
  • PDF
  • Adobe Captivate® demonstrations and simulations (SWF)
  • Pre-recorded Adobe Presenter courses
  • Images (JPG and PNG)
  • Compressed packages (ZIP) containing valid content

In addition, live screen sharing allows you to share any content you have on your screen regardless of file type.

Adobe Connect Mobile is an application that allows you to host or attend online meetings, collaborate with others anytime, anywhere, all with your mobile device. You can join multiuser videoconferences with your device's camera, share presentations, documents, and multimedia content with other attendees and collaborate using text chat and polls. It’s available for free on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices through the respective app stores.

Note that simultaneous teleconference activity is restricted when using a carrier that does not support simultaneous data and voice. For some devices, meetings can be attended in the browser if the device meets the following requirements: Mobile OS with Flash Player and AIR support (Flash Player 10.1). Attending via the Adobe Connect Mobile app is recommended.


Yes, Adobe Connect meetings can be recorded for future playback.  Meeting recordings include synchronized audio and video for either VoIP or telephone audio conferencing.

Yes.   You can upload any of these content types: Microsoft PowerPoint slides (PPT and PPTX), video for Flash (FLV), interactive Flash Player compatible content (SWF), audio (MP3), PDF, Adobe Captivate® demonstrations and simulations (SWF), prerecorded Adobe Presenter courses, images (JPG and PNG) and compressed packages (ZIP) containing valid content.

Yes.  Adobe Connect natively supports streaming video for live camera, video files (FLV), audio files (MP3), screen sharing and whiteboarding. Adobe Connect also offers preloading of rich media content to compensate for bandwidth connectivity on mobile devices.

Yes.   Adobe Connect uses SSL encryption. Adobe Connect also allows you to passcode protect rooms.


Yes, recordings can easily be edited and played back offline for easy viewing anywhere, anytime. End users will need the Adobe Connect Desktop application to access these recordings while offline.

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