Adobe Connect Features

Provide single-click URL access, through your personalized URL, for attendees to join meetings inside or outside of your firewall.

Adobe Connect is built on the ubiquitous Flash, which is pre-installed on most computers. There is no need for additional downloads.

Engage your participants with rich multimedia and share animated presentations, images, audio, video, and more.

Fully host, present, and collaborate on virtually any mobile device - including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook. Begin and end meetings, advance slides and control animations, share documents and other media-rich content, take shared notes, run polls, and drive meetings with active tools and pods.

Conduct polls and question and answer sessions during your meeting for participant interaction.

Use standard meeting room templates or adjust the meeting environment to suit your specific needs. Hosts can add, delete, move, or resize meeting "pods" as needed in seconds before meetings and in real time during meetings.

Create multiple breakout rooms, customize rooms, move between rooms and broadcast messages to participants across room boundaries.

Chat to entire room, individual or select group of individuals. You can email your chat history after the meeting.

Control security and privacy with robust security features, SSL encryption, and the ability to define and control which applications can be shared.

Record your meetings and playback the entire meeting or meeting clips.

Report summaries provide you with a total count of session information for your meetings including attendees, sessions, poll responses and chats. You can download reports of all meeting data to .CSV files.

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