Conference Call Features

Call Manager Plug-In

Quickly and easily schedule, manage participants and secure your meetings. You have complete integrated scheduling and full meeting control. Download now.


Start or join your meeting with the tap of the screen with this free app for your Android™ phone or iPhone®. See who's talking, store meeting profiles for quick access, schedule a meeting and invite participants via SMS, email or Call Now. There's no need to dial in manually or enter the conference ID. Learn more about MobileMeet.

Google® Calendar™ Gadget and Outlook® Integration

Schedule meetings directly from your Outlook or Google Calendar and have the meeting populate with your conferencing information.  Attendees may dial into the meeting or simply click the link in the meeting invite to join.

Schedule for Others

Manage multiple accounts and handle scheduling for other people.  This feature allows assistants to provide scheduling support but not start or run meetings.

Start Your Conference Call

Start your conference by simply clicking on the link in the invitation and Call Manager calls you. There is no need to enter dial in information, conference codes or leader pins.  You can also select to dial in or join through VoIP.

Join with VoIP

You can start or join your meetings with desk phones, mobile phones or VoIP. 

Custom Waiting Rooms

Customize your waiting room experience for your attendees.  Display unique messages for each meeting.

Social Media Integration

Customize your business card and the way you appear in the meeting room with information integrated with your social media profiles.

Meet Online with Call Manager

See who is on the call and who is talking.  You can mute, unmute and disconnect lines to keep meetings running smoothly.  You have complete integrated scheduling and full meeting control.  Download now

Poll Attendees

Gather information from your meeting attendees through polls and display it in the meeting.


Chat with the entire group or individual meeting participants.

Secure Your Meeting

Lock entry into the meeting to keep out unwanted attendees and keep your conversation safe.

Dial-Out from the Meeting

Invite attendees through the meeting interface or bring in additional expertise when needed.

Break Out Rooms

Move participants into sub-conferences with audio and chat to discuss topics in detail.

Operator Assistance

West conference calls are so easy that no reservations or operators are usually needed. In the rare instance you do need help, it’s only a keystroke away - just press *0 for instant live operator support.

Keypad Commands

Control your conference with the touch of a button on your telephone keypad. Mute lines, dial-out to participants, break into subgroups and conduct private roll calls - all from your keypad. Just press ** for a list of all conference features.

Recorded Playback

Digitally record your calls for participants who were unable to attend or for participants who would like to listen to the conference call again. For easy, 24/7 availability, the recording can be accessed on the Internet or by dialing a toll-free number.

Account Management

Change your conferencing preferences, view dial in numbers, schedule future calls, see your conferencing minutes and much more 24/7 at West Online.

Post Conference Emails

Sign up to get full lists of attendees including time, duration and connection for bill back and reporting.  Sign up

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