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Getting started with Unified Meeting

Unified Meeting® 5 is a web based tool that puts you in complete control of all aspects of your meeting – including scheduling, managing and securing your meetings. It’s an easy-to-use, integrated audio, and web conferencing solution that allows you to get more done in less time.

Whether you are collaborating online or simply using audio to meet, Unified Meeting 5 improves your meeting experience with intuitive and powerful productivity enhancements that are available to you with a click of your mouse. All of this comes as a service that InterCall manages for you and it's integrated with the business tools that you use every day.

No matter what your communication needs are - instant or collaborative meetings - this proprietary web conferencing system lets you have remote meetings that are as engaging as a live one.

Unified Meeting 5 uses the Software as a Service model. Unified Meeting 5 is a service, not a product; therefore, there is absolutely no on-site infrastructure required for you. InterCall provides the global infrastructure and sells access to this infrastructure via the Unified Meeting service.

Unified Meeting 5 supports Microsoft® Windows XP/ Vista / 7 and Mac® OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and higher.  Unified Meeting 5 requires little to no internal resources. Download a complete PDF  copy of the technical requirements.

A small download of the Unified Meeting 5 application is required for moderators/presenters. There are no downloads required for participants. Moderators can download Unified Meeting 5 by visiting www.west.com/go

Unified Meeting 5 monthly packages support up to 25 connections, while pay as you go supports up to 125 connections including moderator, presenters and participants.

After installing Unified Meeting 5 on your computer, a blue icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in the Windows taskbar. The desktop icon provides you one-click access to ad hoc and scheduled meetings. You can also enter Conference Manager and send Quick Invites directly from the desktop icon.

To start your meeting, right-click the Unified Meeting 5 desktop icon and select Start a Meeting. You are prompted to select or enter a phone number. You will be called at your listed phone number to start the phone portion of the meeting.

Moderators can send a Quick Invite through instant messenger or email using the Quick Invite in-meeting shortcut toolbar. Participants simply click the link to join the meeting.

After downloading Unified Meeting 5, you can get a free Outlook® plug-in that will allow you to schedule meetings from your calendar.  Get Outlook® plug-in

Once installed, you will see a InterCall icon appear in your Outlook® calendar functionality.  Simply select the meeting time, click the InterCall icon and your meeting information will be pre-populated into your appointment.

At the time of your meeting, just click the JOIN link in your Outlook appointment and choose to have Unified Meeting 5 dial your phone automatically at a number you designate.

There's no need to remember your dial-in number, user login or password. How easy is that? Try it once and you'll be hooked!

Participants only have to click the JOIN link in the Outlook® invitation you sent them and they can have Unified Meeting 5 dial them too for an additional fee.

Upon joining the web portion of the meeting, participants are prompted to select or enter a phone number where they will be called to join the meeting. Alternatively, participants can dial into the meeting using the onscreen instructions. You do not need to manually call participants using your Reservationless-Plus® account.

International toll-free, dial-out and local toll services are available on a per minute rate for several countries.

See available countries

For more information and rates, contact smallbusiness@west.com, 877-314-4341.

Yes, Unified Meeting 5 supports computer audio (VoIP) conferencing.  Simply sselect "Computer Audio" when joining the meeting.  You will be able to select from different audio sources and adjust your volume.


After installing Unified Meeting on your computer, a blue icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in the Windows taskbar. The desktop icon provides you one-click access to ad hoc and scheduled meetings. You can also enter Conference Manager and send Quick Invites directly from the desktop icon.

Yes, Unified Meeting 5 lets you use SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. It will encrypt the information displayed in an online meeting. SSL offers 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of encryption that is offered to the consumer in the market being the same level of security that banks and online shopping companies use.

You can share a specific file, a specific application or your entire desktop for other participants to view. You can also promote a participant to presenter to do the same.

Yes. You can select an annotation tool to draw on any application when application sharing.

You can capture a synchronized audio and web playback of your meeting. After the meeting, make the recording available to others for later playback. Note: To utilize the built-in recording feature, you must use Reservationless-Plus conferencing integrated with Unified Meeting 5.


Unified Meeting 5 stores detailed reports from your meetings, with information on the duration of the meeting, number of participants, participant names and polling information.

There are two ways to make your recorded meeting available to others:

  1. Download as Zip File: You can download an archive if it is in Zip format or email it to your participants for them to download directly.
  2. Hosted URL link: Unified Meeting will host your archive for 90 days. Additional charges apply after 3 months of hosting.

For the best browsing experience, please download a modern browser. Internet Explorer 9 is outdated and may result in errors.